Back-Paint For Glass Products

Your Choice of Two High Performance Products.

1. Water-Borne Back-Paint For Glass

Can contribute to the accumulation of LEED credits
  • Outstanding adhesion to all glass types
  • Water based back-paint for glass
  • Non-flammable back-paint for glass
  • Low-odour back-paint for glass
  • Eliminates regulatory-VOC, fire and storage restrictions
  • Warm water and soap wash-up
  • Fast drying back-paint for glass and cure times
  • Excellent film hardness
  • One pot convenience – nothing to add
  • Pot life concerns are eliminated
  • Handles a wide range of adhesives once cured
  • Chemical and solvent resistant back-paint for glass
  • Suitable for multi-applications methods
    • Paint lines
    • HVLP pressure pots
    • Airless and air-assisted
    • Rolling/Brushing

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2. Solvent-Borne Back-Paint For Glass

GPT – Premium
The ‘King’ of solvent based, back-paint for glass
Over ten years of proven installed performance
  • Outstanding adhesion to all glass surfaces
  • Dries to a very hard smooth finish
  • Quickest dry times and cure times
  • Short turn-around using accelerated drying techniques (contact GPT)
  • 16 hour pot life for long production runs
  • Outstanding moisture, chemical and solvent resistance
  • Fabricate after painting if needed and produce perfect edges
  • Available in virtually any back-paint for glass color
  • High resistance to cleaners, germicide and chemical insult
  • Highly resistant to color fade over time
  • Virtually every color imaginable, expertly matched
  • Use a wide variety of adhesives
  • Very good UV resistance
  • Suitable for multi-applications methods
    • Paint lines
    • HVLP

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3. Finished Back-Painted Glass

  • Not interested or ready to paint your own glass yet, or have an infrequent need for back-painted glass?
  • You can still take full advantage of the superior qualities of GPT products by purchasing your finished back-painted glass directly from GPT and our network of back-paint for glass customers that are applying our professional products
  • Contact us with the job specifications and leave the rest to us. We will organise your job and have the finished back-painted glass delivered directly to your facility or to your job site, ready for installation

4. Back-Paint For Glass Color Match Technology

  • The back-paint for glass color matching technology provided at Glass Paint Technology delivers faster, more accurate and consistent color matching
  • Laboratory quality back-paint for glass equipment and software
  • GPT measure every color for accuracy before it goes out the door
  • We can match any paint brand color, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-William’s
  • Glass color samples are available for a small fee at your request for back-paint for glass color match approvals